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Positions available
 Student Facilitator and Analyst
 Student Counselor / Tele-sales Professional
 Managing Editor
 Member, Technical Staff (R&D)
 Member, Technical Staff (HCI and Usability)
 Authors/Content Creators / Instructional Designers
 Marketing Communication Specialist
 System and Network Administrator
 Sales & Marketing Trainee / Executive
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Student Facilitator and Analyst [Immediate Openings] Call +91 98403 77843 Now

Job Description
Student Facilitator and Analyst (SFA) role is for those who like to mentor and guide students to success. SFA plays a prominent and responsible role in our online learning Programs. The SFA provides personalized guidance to each student and helps the student achieve his goals in the best possible manner.
At WIZDOM.in, student facilitation is not mundane hand-holding - instead it is driven by scientific algorithms and interpretative tools. The SFA uses technology tools and processes to assist in delivering student-centric learning. The Milli-second score booster technology provides the ability to understand the thinking, learning, reasoning and knowledge base of a student sitting a continent or a city away.
The role offers opportunity to be creative and inventive while offering immense scope for research in learning, cognitive psychology, pedagogy and instructional design.
The role is ideal for those who like to teach, experiment with new ways of teaching and find happiness in making others succeed !!!
Who Can Apply
Masters or very bright Bachelors degree holder. English and Mathematics graduates as well as engineers and science graduates with strong background and interest in the above can apply.Young, dynamic and computer savvy. Willing and able to engage with student, especially in clarifying advanced doubts, providing feedback based on scientific measurement, comprehending pedagogy and its impact on content consumption. A research oriented mindset with productive style of functioning is quite essential. Prior experience in editing, instructional design or classroom teaching will be valued. Leadership and managerial qualities would be welcome additions. Willingness to learn and adapt is essential.



Student Counselor / Tele-sales Professional

Job Description
The perfect job for an eager fresher waiting to wet his feet in the world of marketing and sales. Get a great start by learning about sales in its most challenging form. Multi-modal communication with prospects and leads to generate new customers for a world-class cutting-edge educational software product. Should convince the targeted customers (concept selling) over telephone email internet chat SMS and occassionally face to face. Absolute integrity and care for the student's learning process is needed. Good Communication and Selling skills are essential. Training in conceptual selling, presentation and process orientation along with a cutting edge CRM tool is provided by the company. There are NO night shifts NO outdoor work NO travel. Close team oriented work and target orientation is essential.

Who can apply
Graduate in any discipline with strong interest in marketing and sales and high empathy with students. Prior experience in educational product sales will be valued. WINNING ATTITUDE and eagerness to face challenges are essential. Background in Marketing, Sales or Psychological Counselling will be desirable. Prior GRE scores or GMAT scores will be valued. Selection based on test of skills and two rounds of interviews.



Managing Editor

Job Description
The Managing Editor is responsible for planning and managing the development of online lessons. The lessons have to be pedagogically sound and at the same time highly interactive to create uniquely memorable learning experiences for the learner. To achieve this, the editor has to creatively exploit the interactive nature of the medium and the Millisecond score booster technology that our learning platform supports. The editor has to gather deep insights into the learning needs and the psychology of the student and should address this effectively through lesson design. The lessons need to be effective on computers as well as on mobile phones. The right factors should be considered to take care of both medium. The Managing Editor has the responsibility for the quality of the lessons. He/She has to test the developed lessons on target students and ensure that the lessons have achieved their objectives. The Managing Editor will also be responsible for evolving and maintaining standards for lesson quality, author style sheets etc. The role also needs constant engagement with external authors and maintaining a content creator network.

Who can apply
The candidate should be passionate about delivering student centric learning by effectively blending content with principles of sound instructional design, pedagogy, cognitive psychology and technology. The candidate should be a Graduate or Post Graduate in any discipline with a strong command over English. The candidate should have strong editing and proof reading skills and should have significant experience in content development. Exposure to commissioning and evaluation of authors, royalty agreements, copy right and fair use rules will be an advantage. Experience in content development for the online medium and/or development of content for learning/education will be valued. The candidate should possess the ability to deeply understand the needs of the learner, his psychology and should be able to translate the same into content creation. Expertise in Pedagogy, Instructional Design, Cognitive Psychology will be an added advantage. The candidate should also have high comfortable level in content pertaining to competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL, CAT, IIT, GMAT etc. in subjects like English, Maths, Science and Analytical reasoning (at high school/graduate level). Expertise in online and multimedia publishing tools and software (audio, visual, graphics, animation) will be valued.



Member of Technical Staff (R&D)

Job Description
Member of Technical staff (MTS) is a core job function in R&D team of the company. MTS plays a key role in realizing the company's product vision. MTS prime role is to innately understand end user requirements from the market and translate into high quality software design and implementation.
As a MTS, you will need to work closely with other functional teams of the company to understand various facets of the product requirements. The role demands significant out-of-the-box thinking and passion for innovation. You will be expected to arrive at superior solutions and implementations by exploring various design ideas based on new and emerging areas of computer science and  mobile technology.
You will be expected to evolve high quality software architectures and implement the same following industry standard software development practises.

Who can Apply
You should be an inventor at heart, desiring to create one of those killer applications that will be the final word in the segment.
Someone, who has a passion for newer and emerging areas in the areas of Mobile, Internet & Enterprise applications,  Java and relevant areas of Computer science. You should be the one, who gets thrills  from being involved in the complete life cycle of product creation  - from Requirements Gathering, Architecting, Programming to final end customer deployment and trials.
You should be  proficient in various flavors of Java,  Web Apps technology like Web 2.0/LAMP and advanced Database design. Special interest in Computer Science domains like Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Pattern matching and User Interface design for handheld terminals will be a strong advantage. Interest in mobile phones, mobile applications and technology will be highly valued.
You should be a self learner with a strong desire to explore and adopt newer programming environments.
Someone, who is extremely curious about the newest in IT and mobile technology and prefers a hands-on in the latest.



Member of Technical Staff (HCI and Usability)

Key qualifications/requisites
  • A graduate, post-graduate or advanced research degree holder in HCI, Usability and/or Interaction Design (M.Des or equivalent), or in related fields such as Visual Communication or Graphic Design, from a reputed institute.
  • Flair for design. Must have a strong sense of what works for the end user and what doesn't.
  • Experience in planning and executing projects in Interaction Design.
  • Experience in conducting Usability Studies. Strong knowledge of usability evaluation methodologies. Must be able to capture the real needs of users.
  • Prior work or exposure to Multimedia, Animation, Visualization, etc is highly desirable.
  • Familiarity with relevant software and technical tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc. Should be able to learn new tools as and when required.
  • Adequate knowledge of Cognition and the impact of interaction design on software applications driven by the human cognitive process.
  • Creative, "ideating" personality. Should be able to express ideas well, visually and otherwise and assess them from an unbiased standpoint. Willingness to follow through on ideas, i.e the necessary diligence to apply ideas and turn them into viable products.
  • Articulate and open-minded. Should be able to communicate and work closely with with members of varied teams such as Software R&D, Content authors, ID Experts, Teachers, Product Management, etc. Has an open mind and ability to listen and understand the needs of these teams and come up with appropriate design solutions.
  • Background in education and learning, particularly e-Learning, mobile learning, m-learning or hand held learning.
  • Interest in applications of distributed computing (client-server models), mobile computing and mobile applications would be an asset.
  • Ability to coordinate the usability design process with the ongoing software development life cycle.
  • Prior experience in a Product Design, software application UI development would be desirable.
  • Prior experience in copy-writing, editing, teaching or publishing would be welcome.
  • Exposure to Instructional Design (ID) and Pedagogy.
  • Keeps up with latest trends in HCI and its relevance to emerging areas like Web2.0, Social Networking, Mobile Applications etc.
  • Knowledge of marketing especially the development of consumer brands and mass market products.



Authors/Content Creators

Author / Content Creator/ Subject Matter Expert - PhD or Masters in English or other subject. Must have a passion for authoring and creating content. Particularly expertise in teaching Language (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening), pedagogy and comfort with distance learning medium is essential. While the Author would be free to work from home, close coordination with the company is required and familiarity with the technological and service models would be essential. Ability to work in project mode and to make creative proposals regarding new lessons based on understanding of students is required. Unlike a book, WIZDOM.in's lessons are tracked for consumption by student through its technology platform. This gives tremendous insight to the author regarding the pedagogic and cognitive impact of their creations which can be observed almost live with some analysis. Author should display ability to adjust to this model of lesson creation. Prior Experience in creation of lessons for exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS or other competitive examinations would be a plus. Strong deadline orientation and ability to followup on prior contributions in timely manner is essential.



Marketing Communication Specialist

Job Description Organize various forms of individual and mass communication to current and potential customers. The purpose of the communication could range from awareness creation, lead generation to end of sales and service cycles. Conscious branded communication of various forms - electronic as well as print is essential. and outdoor media. Communication is always targetted and based on behavior and patterns of the 17-25 yr demographic, their environments, buying influences and concerns. Ability to work within scope of budget and scope of niche market for specialized product is essential. Precision and proper targeting of specific promise that derives from WIZDOM.ins core is essential.

Who can apply
An MBA or degree holder in mass communications with expertise in internet marketing, PR, brand communication, creation of collaterals, letters and other related activities. Familiarity with websites, blogs, SMS, Email and other internet based media is essential. Ability to handle subcontractors and agencies for offline communication and print media is important. Ability to work with external consultants and market research specialists is required. Prior experience in a product management, brand managment, marketing communications or website design environment would be greatly valued. Skills in event organization and management is desirable.



System and Network Administrator

Job Description The roles played will be in hosting, configuration, maintenance, upgradation, scaling, analysis, performance stabilization and management of various software and hardware components of a data center and a development infrastructure on a continuous basis. It will involve close coordination with product development and customer facing teams. Systematic knowledge of computers, computer network, database, web and application servers, Windows/Linux OS and other common IT tools and applications for an enterprise environment. Ability to use system tools and processes to keep the data center running to customer satisfaction are important. Programming to the extent of understanding product code/execution characteristics and development of parsing, performance measurement and monitoring tools will be necessary.

Who can apply
BE/B.Tech in CS/EE/ECE/IT with strong interest in networking/system administration is essential. Qualifications such as CCNA, RHCE, MCSE or Java/J2EE Certification would be well valued. High familiarity with Internet technologies is essential. Exposure to mobile applications and networks functioning will also be valued. Should be able to independently evaluate, assess, shortlist and negotiate with vendors. Should be able to maintain purchasing relationships with a number and variety of vendors as per business needs. Should be able to hire and develop additional members of the team.



Sales & Marketing Trainee / Executive [Immediate Openings]

Job Description Have you always been the person with good command over English and a need to be helpful to others and solve their problems? Have you always felt a need to persuade others through talking? Are you the type who is planning to do an MBA in Marketing after a couple of years and looking for a great opening meanwhile which helps you learn and better prepare for this ambition?

Are you passionate about Sales & Marketing ?

Well, you have the perfect job here. You will find the best opportunities to develop your skills in sales, selling, negotiation and communication. You will learn a plenty lot about brands and marketing and customer satisfaction. You will be selling a high technology product to customers over phone, internet, email or face to face. You will be the ambassador of the company with big responsibility on your shoulders at a young age.

Promising candidates can quickly grow to roles in Student Counseling, Business Development, Product Management or Marketing.

We have the right role. Do you have the courage to apply?


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