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. 1) What do I need to use WIZDOM.in?
In order to use WIZDOM.in's mobile learning service you will need to download a client software to your phone. To do this, you need a mobile phone that is Java capable and supports GPRS. You will also need to have subscribed for GPRS service from a mobile operator such as Hutch, Airtel, Aircel or BSNL. Typically the free GPRS service is inadequate and one has to subscribe additionally for WAP or WWW enabling GPRS service.
. 2) Is my phone supported?
Almost 80% of all the mobile phone models available in the market support Java and GPRS. Here is a complete list of phones that we currently support. Due to variations in the phone processor speed, memory, Quality of JVM implementation and screen sizes, some phones work better than some others. Please request us for more information regarding this. We have tested a large number of phones and will be happy to test your phone for suitability.
. 3) What is the Trial Pack?
Mobile learning is a new concept. WIZDOM.in is India's first mobile learning service. In order to help you experience and see for yourself what mobile learning is like, we provide a trial service that is free. You will obtain all the benefits of the actual service for a short duration. The trial pack consists of one session that gives a broad overview experience. You will also get a transcript of our session.
. 4) What are the steps for downloading WIZDOM.in?
First, ensure that you phone is supported. Then ensure that you have the right type of GPRS service. Register (provide link) at our website. The information provided here has to be true and correct. We will contact you and provide you a key. We will also send you a link through SMS that you can use to download our client.
. 5) What is a transcript?
A transcript is a .pdf document that summarizes and provides a deep analysis of your mobile learning session from a pedagogic, exam preparation and time management angles. It also provides statistics, comparisions and other relevant data based on your entire history of learning with WIZDOM.in.
. 6) What is a (mobile learning) session?
A (mobile learning) session is a unit of continuous,interactive learning that lasts for about one hour for the typical student. A session typically has a teach part and a test part. A session is designed carefully with objectives derived from the lesson plan and past performance of the student.
. 7) What is a program?
A program is a collection of sessions that is commercially offered for a price. A progra, comes with an associated objective and lesson plan.
. 8) How do I contact student support?
We will provide you with this information upon subscription.
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