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What is GRE?
GRE or GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION is a test that most universities in USA, Canada and other countries adopt to assess a student's potential for higher academic pursuits, advanced studies and research.
It is an important admission criterion for MS & Ph.D programs in engineering science and arts.
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How do I crack GRE?
The GRE (general) test is a test of basic skills.
Step 1 : Understand the structure & requirements of GRE
Step 2 : Analyse your basics, Get a diagnostic test
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About Us
WIZDOM.in, the first Adaptive Learning Service for GRE is provided by Valued Epistemics Pvt Ltd, a Chennai, India based company whose aim is to create enjoyable, effective learning for anybody, anytime, anywhere.
WIZDOM.in was developed through research and development since 2005. The company's founders come from IIT, IISc, IT-BHU & Purdue.
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Contact Us
Valued Epistemics Pvt Ltd
22 (Old 78) First Floor, Gandhinagar 2nd Main Road,
Adyar, Chennai - 600 020,
Mobile No :
+91 98844 53276 (24 hours)
Land line No :
+91 44 4260 7307 (9.30Am to 6.30Pm)
E-Mail :info@wizdom.in
FREE Computer Adaptive Vocabulary Tests
200....400...600..800    where do you stand?
Find out! With our new computer adaptive tests.
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How accurate is it? Look at some recent results.   Note
ETS GRE Score 590 600 760 730 390 460 300 420 400 490
Adaptive test
600 600 750 720 360 480 330 460 410 530

Why WIZDOM.in for GRE?
WIZDOM.in provides high quality interactive lessons to make GRE preparation enjoyable. What's more, you can study anytime, anywhere, not when a class or batch is scheduled in some corner of your city. Besides, you receive scientific feedback and individual attention. Your doubts & queries are answered by an expert.
WIZDOM.in's powerful programs impart skills that enable you to crack the Verbal, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative and AWA sections of the GRE.

How WIZDOM.in helps me score high in GRE?
How wizdom.in works Our Teachers, Subject Experts & Authors create high quality Interactive Lessons which are stored in our servers.

You, the student, can log in to WIZDOM.in through a Mobile phone or PC and start learning anytime, anywhere.

Adaptive Learning by Measurement of Interactions (ALMI) based smart algorithms analyze your measurements and understand your learning pattern.

Our Student Facilitator and Analyst (SFA) provides student with accurate feedback based on scientific analysis through WIZDOM.in's ALMI technology.

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What do I get if I become a member?
Membership of WIZDOM.in is open to anyone preparing for GRE
As a member, you will be entitled to:

> Free trial sessions of WIZDOM.in including personalized, scientific feedback (Transcripts) for each
> A login and password that will help you access WIZDOM.in from your mobile or PC or both
> Discounts and offers on our programs
> Invitations to our special meetings and seminars, which we hold in various cities to discuss GRE, Admissions etc.
> Information about our various programs like Verbal Master, Fast Track Verbal, Complete GRE
> Free advice & counselling from experts regarding various universities, admission, VISA, etc.

        ... and it is FREE
WIZDOM.in in the News
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Share some Wizdom...
"You always feel like some teacher or guide is with you."
-Madhuri Singh, Student
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Interactive Demo SMS/CALL : +91 98844 53276
E-Mail : info@wizdom.in

Mobile or PC or Both!
Yes, WIZDOM.in is the first product to achieve this feat. You can access lessons thro' your Mobile, PC, Blackberry or PDA.
You can choose how you want to learn according to your convenience. Many students use both mobile when outside home, and PC at home.
Will my mobile work?
Will my PC work?

The Human Touch
Is WIZDOM.in all about technology, software and algorithms ?
Not at all. We assign a Student Facilitator and Analyst (SFA) to every student who enrolls in our program. A trained individual, the SFA supports you during the entire duration of your preparation, giving you scientific feedback, clearing your doubts and apprehensions.
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