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. Wizdom.in helps me in utilizing the bus travel in a constructive manner...  User friendly application... Transcript and Adaptive learning are the key features...  Very useful for improving ones verbal aptitude.
Computer Science Graduate and SW engineer
with leading MNC & a WIZDOM.in student
. I found your "Wizdom" software extremely useful in my GRE preparation. Through the "Verbal Master" I got introduced to certain words which I hadn't encountered in Barron's. When I started the sessions through Wizdom, I was not confident in analogies. But, as I started doing more sessions, I gained confidence in correlating the given pair of words.
Seethalakshmi H,
BioTechnology Graduate & a WIZDOM.in Student
. It [Wizdom.in] is doing a good job of tracking the learning progress in terms of time taken per question, time management etc. The feature where one can look at syonyms, antonyms, usage etc of the word is good. On the whole, I found it user friendly once you get used to navigating, scrolling up and down, left and right, going back etc. It is not as cumbersome as I thought earlier. The quality of the learning inputs / content is good and as the learning is customised / personalised, one can be sure learning is actually taking place.
A Senior Education Industry Professional
. You always feel like some teacher or guide is with you. If I have some problems I just send that across. If I'm not able to understand what's in this question they reply to us. It's so motivating and I feel I can prepare better by it [Wizdom.in].
Madhuri Singh,
Veterinary Science Graduate & a WIZDOM.in Student
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